We enhance the impact of social projects and initiatives by promoting their digital transformation through the implementation of innovative technological developments.


To consolidate digital culture and technological developments as key agents of social change in Latin America.

Our sustainability model


external financing


funds generated by the sale of services

We are convinced that our sources of income must be balanced to guarantee our financial autonomy.

For this reason, we have a mixed income model that includes both the support of external financing, contributed by large donors and international cooperation funds, as well as own funds, generated by the collection of services we offer to other organizations and non-profit initiatives.

We are part of the Civic House community with


offices in Latin America


people in the team


years of experience

Mexico & Central America
Andean Region
Southern Cone


Carolina Barada
Maximiliano Factorovich
Head of Institutional Development - Southern Cone
Daniela Carvajalino
Head of Institutional Development - Andean Region
Evaristo Espinosa
Head of Institutional Development - Mexico & Central America
Juliana Pontón Viñuela
Digital Solutions Coordinator
María Laclau
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Cou Infante
Civic Tech Project Manager
Juan Dans
Andres Trujillo
Functional Engineer
Ivan Fuentes
Salesforce Consultant
Maria Diz
Salesforce Consultant
Sebastián Neter
Digital Solutions Consultant
Esmeralda Avellaneda
Digital Communications Analyst


In all these years, wonderful and very committed people joined our volunteer teams. The doors of Wingu are open to all people who want to collaborate in strengthening the digital culture and expanding the frontiers of social technology.

Partners and alliances

We thank all the organizations and foundations that accompany our projects and events, amplifying the impact of social technology in the region.

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