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Wingu Culture

We are a growing organization that works in a hybrid way throughout the region.

Our team offers the guarantee and daily work, through agile and innovative methodologies, to promote projects and social initiatives.

Executive Director

Carolina Barada

Director of International Strategic Alliances

Daniela Carvajalino

Chief Technology Officer

Fernando Cirer

Director of Institutional Development Southern Cone

Maximiliano Factorovich

Communications Director and Impact Digital Event Coordinator

Veronica Nunes Amaro

Institutional Development Manager for the Andean Region

Lina Ontibon Pardo

Digital Solutions Director

Juliana Pontón Viñuela

Director of Institutional Development for Mexico and Central America

Marco Sandoval Mercado

Salesforce Deployment Coordinator

Luis Garcia

Civic and Social Technology Coordinator

Sebastian Neter

FITS Regional Coordinator

María J. Rivera Betancourt

Solutions Architect

Andrés Trujillo Madrigal

FrontEnd Developer

Franco Alemandi

BackEnd Developer

Javier Berdecio Trigeros

FrontEnd Developer

Hannah Carabolante

Frontend Developer Jr.

Melanie Lucila Casasco

Consultant Sr. Salesforce

Ivan Fuentes

BackEnd Developer

Leonardo Embon

Salesforce Consultant

Uziel Mendez Contreras

UX/UI, Web and Graphic Designer

Sebastián Navarro Loncan

Communication Analyst

Giuliana Sordo

Project Digital Manager

Irina Walter

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Wingu shares purposeful data, relevant information and innovative tools to enhance social impact in Latin America.