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Wingu at the ITS Forum: Innovation and Engagement from the Global South

Wingu at the ITS Forum: Innovation and Engagement from the Global South

Wingu was honored to participate in the 9th Multilateral Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for the Sustainable Development Goals in New York. Daniela Carvajalino Tobón, Director of Strategic Alliances at Wingu, presented our initiatives, highlighting how innovation can emerge from the Global South and be an engine for inclusive and sustainable development.

From the outset, Wingu challenged attendees to reconsider the conventional dynamics of technological innovation, proposing a model where emerging technologies are accessible and beneficial to all people, especially underrepresented groups. This approach not only seeks to transform the technological reality of these communities, but also to ensure development that is both socially and economically sustainable.

The Chaco Innova project, which we have been running since Wingu, was presented as an exemplary case of this approach. Initiated in 2021, we have worked together with Mujeres Nanum, WTT Ventures, Fundación Avina, Fundación Gran Chaco, Nativa, Grupo Sunu de Acción Intercultural and BID Lab to integrate technological solutions that respect and enhance the local traditions of the indigenous communities of the Chaco, improving their connectivity and productive capacity. The adaptation of technological tools to the language and cultural context of the communities and women artisans of the Gran Chaco Americano has been a crucial component of this process.

During her speech, Daniela Carvajalino emphasized the need for multi-sectoral collaboration to effectively address global challenges. He stressed that continued support and investment in technological capabilities in the Global South are essential to overcome the challenges and maintain the sustainability of these efforts.

Wingu’s participation in this event allowed us not only to showcase our projects and vision, but also to strengthen relationships with other leaders and pioneers in global innovation. This meeting was a valuable opportunity to learn and share experiences, consolidating our dedication to using technology as a tool for inclusive development.

After all, not only do we trust in the transformative power of technology and in working together to amplify the impact of our efforts, but, as our Director of Strategic Alliances pointed out at the end of her speech, we at Wingu are committed to leaving no one behind.

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